Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Setting up

It was a busy day yesterday. Susan Hutton and I left Cordalba early, in a ute full of 'Suburban Goddesses'.  We had a suprisingly good run through to the Pine Rivers Art Gallery in Strathpine - a Northern suburb of Brisbane. There was not a great deal of evidence of  the latest flooding in  Gympie, just  a lot of dull brown silt  masking the low lying grounds.  Council workers , with their gurneys sprayed the sludge away revealing hints of the green carpets below.

We couldn't stop to see if  the little mossy back tortoises were all right in their murky pond.

When we arrived at the gallery, we saw that half of the digital prints from the 'Broken Woman' series had been hung with magnets.  They looked quite impressive.

Susan's friend Lorraine came to help us set up the installation.  It only took us three hours.  The SG's look great in this beautiful gallery with it's white walls  and floor.

Gallery Curator Tracey Wallace is a very nice person to work with and has made this a very positive experience for me.

Susan and I celebrated a successful day with dinner at a local Indian restaraunt,  then travelled North to Eaton's Hill to stay with Susan's son whose  house is around the corner from mine. (Which is now  leased.)

I will post some pictures Friday!   Hope you can be at the opening!!   Friday March 2, 6pm.

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