Friday, June 15, 2018

Some new friends!

Christine Turner's Art Blog 

I was really excited to meet two artists from the Wynnum/ Manly areas in the last month.  Linda I posted 

about  after our visit to her exhibition at West End with her friend Helen McIntosh.  They came to visit me
at my new home.

We had our afternoon tea and shared images of our works.

As it turned out, we had a great deal in common.  Our works championing women and her symbols in
particular.  I was so impressed with Helen and Linda's work.  I just love artists...they give so much of

Attached is a textile work by Helen.

1200 x 780 (71 x 70)
Shibori dyed silk (Made by Margaret Barnett), fish skeleton beads, emu feathers, acrylic paint, machine stitched on cotton rag paper.

"The Iconlady is an old friend. She has travelled with me for 30 years , Criss-crossing. Textile and painting terrain, with side trips into new territory such as mosaics, doll making, and jewellery. Our journey is progressing and will last my lifetime".    Helen Macintosh

Poster for Helen and Linda's exhibition
and Linda's exhibition

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

An exciting week!

I have had a busy and interesting week.  I had been patiently for 'The Writer's of Wynnum/Manly (WOW)' meeting which is held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Wynnum Library.  The day  had arrived  at last! I  found the group to be comprised of talented writers of all levels of ability under the guidance of a lovely woman called Heather, who was very supportive and kept us all focused.

At the writers group, I met a fellow artist called Linda who was having an exhibition with a friend in a cafe at West End.  A couple of days later, Linda and I went to check out her interesting collages before heading up to the Museum to take in the wonderful 'The Egyptian Mummies' exhibition.

The mummies exhibition was very interesting and Linda and I were quite amazed by the condition of the mummies sarcophaguses which were beautifully decorated.  The jewellery on display was quite magnificent also. The exhibition gave a great insight in to this ancient culture.  Really worth a look!! cx

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Still settling in!

Oh goodness,  there still so many things to do before I can get on with my art practice, but I have managed to produce another 'Tall Trees' painting.  Its close to finished now.  I have found time in    my quiet evenings to dabble a bit with some videos.  I will be reworking some of my older prints too. Cant wait to get started!!!
I am keen to meet some Brisbane artists.  I will drop in to The Edge this week sometime to let the people there know I am here to stay and to find out what's happening around town.


Monday, January 22, 2018

I'm back!!

I am so excited to be back to my blog!! Thank you for your patience.

I made the decision  to shift to Brisbane a year or two...or three ago  as I no longer have family in Bundaberg.  It was hard to leave all my dear friends...and hard  to say goodbye to over thirty years of memories. Hard emotionally as well as physically...packing up my house, my Gallery - Dirty Linen.

With  my group show at Graydon Gallery finished in October, I started packing in earnest.  I finally sold my property last month. I was in Melbourne when my son Ben found my new house in Wynnum
West...Ten minutes away from Ben and his family.

Liking the property  very much, he suggested to me that it was the one we were looking for. He was right.

So I have been in my new home about two months now.  Settling in...preparing for new adventures in art!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Breathing Space 2

'The Way Home' by Christine Turner,
Acrylic Collage 
150cm x 150cm

The 'Breathing Space 2' exhibition in Brisbane is finally over and has been quite successful in many ways. We had good sales and very positive responses to the show.  I have attached a few photos below.   

I would really like to thank Keith and Trevor for the work they did setting up  and later dismantling the exhibition.  They were brilliant!!  Their enthusiasm and willingness to get the job done was truly wonderful.  No task was ever too hard!  

I think I speak for all of us in saying that this exhibition reached a standard that we can be  quite proud of.

One of my favourite works in this show was Keith Stewart's award winning photograph, 'Gum Trees-Study 1, Tasmania'.
This is black and white in all it's glory, capturing the essence of the landscape. 

The glass cabinet, above was just perfect for displaying Trevor Spohr's beautiful ceramic bowls along with John Olsen's curious 'Infernal Axis'

 Four little gems by Susan Hutton

Above: An enchanting landscape   by Jennifer McDuff inspired  by a recent trip to Japan. Below the landscape, another of Jennifer's haunting shelf paintings.

Above:  A row of ceramic cups with saucers. Superbly glazed by Trevor Spohr.  On the wall, Susan Hutton's Elegant encaustic wax works, which were very popular-also inspired by several trips to Japan.

Below, Ophelia and friend grace the walls. (Acrylic on canvas)  100cm w x 150cm h)

Below, Jennifer McDuff's gouache 'drawings' on brown paper bags captivated many. 

Below, a Hammerhead Shark by retired fisherman John Olsen.

Beautiful metallic glazed ceramic towers by Trevor Spohr.  These were
snapped up very quickly to add to an important collection.

I arrived home very tired as I spent a good while speaking to realestate agents and viewing properties to see what the market is like in Brisbane at present.  I hope to sell my home here in Bundaberg soon and find a home in Brisbane.  It seems that it is a sellers market to me and houses close to Brisbane's CBD are selling rapidly.

I am so keen to take my work in a new direction this coming year.  It's hard to be patient. Cx

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A brilliant start!

The Breathing Space 2 exhibition is off to a great start, with four sales prior to the opening! Trevor Spohr's fabulous ceramics were purchased by discerning  art collectors.  Today is opening day!!!  We are all so excited!!    cx

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Regional art delivers!!!

On Monday, Susan Hutton  and I will pack her ute and be off to Brisbane for our exhibition at Graydon Gallery.
The other artists joining us are Jennifer McDuff  - painter,  John Olsen - metal sculpture,  Keith Stewart -  photography, Trevor Spohr - ceramics.  Susan combines painting and ceramics in her art practice.  I am primarily known for my installations and assemblages, but as you  probably know from reading my blog, I have spent the last couple of years mostly painting...... and I have been really enjoying it.

You are all welcome to visit us at Graydon Gallery in New Farm (See details in previous post.)  See you at the opening!!  'Breathing Space 2'' promoting excellence in regional art!!

Till soon!    C x

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

A view from the Hummock

With the  Graydon Gallery exhibition fast approaching, I have been contacting the artists to get an overview of their availability in regards to the transporting of works, attendance at the exhibition opening and so on.   Lists of the works are  slowly coming in.

I have been sorting out my works on paper to be shown in folios in the small room. I also have some small framed drawings.

I would also like to show a folder of my digital works, some of which I produced for the New Mexico exchange exhibition.

I have so much work that has never been seen.  One day when I finally sell my house and shift to
Brisbane,  I will  have a studio sale, to find homes for some of these artworks.

In the meantime I have produced another canvas titled  'A view from the Hummock'.  A nightscape generated from some quick sketches I made of the Hummock at twilight. (Above)

Monday, July 17, 2017


My recent work for exhibition at Graydon Gallery in September.

'Hilltops' Acrylic collage on canvas   100cm h x 150cm w

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Up coming exhibition

I am getting excited about the group exhibition I have  been arranging in Brisbane this September at the beautiful Graydon Gallery in New Farm.  The weeks will fly by I am sure, so we need to get our works underway and completed as soon as possible, so that the images can be used for promotions.

I think I will include the work shown here: Untitled acrylic collage on canvas.103.5cm h x 154.5cm h

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blue Moon 2

I have created this work for the group exhibition I am organising at the Graydon Gallery in September/October, this year.

I am still enjoying creating landscapes.  I will have to produce another four or five for the show.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Distant Mesas

Hello all!!   And a happy new year to you all!  I have been up to Cairns to spend time with my eldest son and my two incredible granddaughters!      We did the Waterfall circuit around Cairns, and they were all so beautiful and unique.  Then we were off to Fitzroy Island,  a short ferry trip from Cairns.
We did a little snorkelling and swimming and general island stuff!

I have been working on a large canvas for entry into the Bundaberg Arts Festival.  I will post a picture of it once the exhibition is opened for viewing.

The picture below is my latest work. This painting came together very quickly.  I had no preconceived  ideas  for this canvas, but once some colour was put down, it took on a life of its own.

I like it when that happens.

'Distant Mesas', Acrylic on canvas and embossed paper. 103cmh x 154cmw. POA

I also made some changes  to my 'Dusk' painting, and I feel it is better now.

'Dusk' Acrylic collage on canvas, 150cm sq.  POA

I have paid the Graydon Gallery deposit for an exhibition Sept/Oct this year.  The same artists will be participating.  It should be another exciting event!!  Cx

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Adam Anderson

I was so excited to see this post on Facebook last night!   How wonderful!  The Dirty Linen artists and friends loved working on various projects and exhibitions  with Adam and it was easy to see that he was exceptionally talented.

Congratulations Adam!!  We have missed you, but are so proud of you!  We all are basking in your reflected glory...can't wait to see what Bleach has been up to!!!  CX.

Adam: "It was great to graduate last night alongside my honours family and third year family. It was especially wonderful to have all my family family there for me as they have been all year. I'm also super happy to have gotten first class honours, been offered a place in PhD and to have been  offered a scholarship to assist me with completing my PhD. Been a pretty special year! 

Search for past blog posts about Adam by using the search box 


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nolan Winkler

Having been a part of an exchange exhibition which featured artists from the Wide Bay district and their fellow artists from New Mexico, I had the honour of exhibiting my artworks with some amazing artists.
It is my pleasure to introduce to you,  from New Mexico, Nolan Winkler, an outstanding  artist. I am lucky enough to have one of Nolan's works in my collection.  She is represented in numerous significant collections worldwide. If you are interested to contact Nolan, see the link at the bottom of the page.
Till soon....Cx  PS  Thankyou Nolan.....X


My Australian artist pal (via email and long distance exhibitions), Christine Turner has requested I write a bit about myself and my work to share on her blog. Is that a generous gesture, or what? Thanks, talented one.

I’ve been painting professionally (as in some sort of a career) for over 40 years now. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a multiple recipient of residency fellowships at a few art colonies around the USofA. I’ve also lived short term in Mexico and France and schooled  in Italy for etching. Those experiences, which have all taken me out of my comfort zone have influenced much of my art through the years. These days, my biggest influences are music (think Future Islands, Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard and Rodriguez. I often use their lyrics to help with titling the work. 

For the past six years I have added the use of a sweet potato as pattern maker in my work. Don’t ask. If I knew exactly why I’d stop and I love the effects too much to even consider figuring it out. So many things can come to mind: patterns are comforting; circle of life; I am ‘mature’ so that circle is closing in, too…. 

I also enjoy putting text into my paintings when it feels right. Sometimes a haiku by me or sometimes the lyrics from music I’m listening to. 

When I hit the studio and there is a black panel or canvas looking back at me (I always use black gesso…for depth of colors over it), I usually have no clue what I will be painting unless I’m into a series (which I try to stay away from of late). I put the music of the day on and begin. Colors, shapes, lyrics and emotions all inform what is to come. And come, it does. Sometimes sooner than later, sometimes the reverse. I think my years painting and my confidence in my talents makes it known to me that SOMETHING will come of the time working. 

If you wish to see more of my work:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tall Trees at Dusk

Another artwork in the 'Tall Trees' series.  "Tall Trees at Dusk" 150cm sq. Acrylic collage on canvas. Also there is a close up  for the wonderfully talented Nolan Winkler (New Mexico).  I think I might do a post about Nolan and her work....good idea.  More on that soon.

Tall Trees at Dusk

Tall Trees at Dusk detail.

This work has had so many layers.  I try to retain evidence of the underlying layers where I can.  For those who asked for it I promise to create some smaller works very soon.  cx

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tall Trees 2

Here is  a photo of a recent work of mine - Tall Trees 2,  Acrylic collage on canvas.  150cm sq


Big Sky and Blue Moon

My recent visit to Brisbane included a trip to the Roma St Apartments to view Big Sky and Blue Moon in their new home.

It was really lovely to be able to explain to the  owners how the works came about, and to share  some of the techniques used in the process.

I was so happy knowing that the works bring joy to the owners every day.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

John Olsen

I have been getting very good feedback  about my artworks that were part of the group exhibition at Graydon Gallery.   No sales however I made an interesting connection that might  develop into something quite positive. More on that later.

I have been photographing metal artworks for local artist John Olsen who has an exhibition at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery early next year.  His artworks are very popular.  John has spent most of his life in the fishing industry and this translates into  brilliantly executed artworks featuring fish and seabirds and much more.

Photographing  these metal sculptures is quite a challenge for me and I have had to experiment with  manual  camera settings to capture the various surfaces that John develops.
Below are two examples of John's wonderful artworks.

                                         Hump Back Maori Wrasse  by John Olsen

                                         Bigeye Tuna by John Olsen

I am very much in work mode which is where I love to be!    cx

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A hectic week!

I had a rather hectic and stressful week.  I  had spent  a good part of the week preparing and wrapping  the artworks that will be hung in the exhibition at Graydon Gallery.

The courier picked up the four large packages that would be arriving  at the gallery early in the week. But, no, the artworks did not arrive at the gallery, and by Thursday I was starting to panic.  I knew if the artworks did not arrive on Friday, that there would be no deliveries over the weekend.  As the exhibition  is due to open on the Tuesday, this was going to put a lot of pressure on everyone    involved.

Thanks to Abby and Rose Ann at Just Freight, the works were eventually located, and a special delivery to the gallery was arranged.

Over this weekend, I will be wrapping up another work to go to the Rio Tinto Martin Hansen Art Awards.  If I can get that delivery to Gladstone without problems, I will be very happy!

Last week I attended PAPER 5, an exhibition of contemporary works on paper curated and presented by Clinton Cross.  The exhibition was held in Creative Regions lovely little pop up gallery over North.

Congratulations to Clinton for presenting another great exhibition.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Graydon Gallery Exhibition

The Graydon Gallery Exhibition that I am taking part in will be officially opened Friday 30th Sept, 6pm-8pm.

Gallery hours from the 27Sept -9Oct are   11am-5pm weekdays
                                                                    10am-4pm weekends

The other artists I will be exhibiting with are Phil Bazzo, Sarah Hickey and Tricia Reust and Monica Usher.  Also, on display will be 30 paintings from private collectors.  There is much more information on the Graydon Gallery website.

I really hope you can come.  Let me know if you have been following my blog,  I would love to meet you!! Cx

Gallery is at 29 Merthyr Rd
                    New Farm
                    Qld  4005

                    Ph 0418 740 467 Bookings and enquiries only.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Exhibition coming up!

I have been invited to be part of a group exhibition at the beautiful Graydon Gallery in New Farm.  I will be sending 4 large artworks  for the show, which will be opening on the 27th Sept-9 Oct.  I am not sure of the official opening date, but I will post an update when I have that info.   In the meantime, check out the Graydon Gallery  Facebook page. Attached, is one of the works I will  have on show.  I hope you will be able to come along.   I don't know who the other artists are, so that will be a lovely surprise for me!!   Cx

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Tall Trees

This is my most recent work.  'The Tall Trees' is an acrylic collage on canvas, 150cm sq.   The work was created over an old collage.  It is probably a shame to lose the old work, but storage is a huge problem, and new work takes priority. cx