Friday, August 4, 2017

A view from the Hummock

With the  Graydon Gallery exhibition fast approaching, I have been contacting the artists to get an overview of their availability in regards to the transporting of works, attendance at the exhibition opening and so on.   Lists of the works are  slowly coming in.

I have been sorting out my works on paper to be shown in folios in the small room. I also have some small framed drawings.

I would also like to show a folder of my digital works, some of which I produced for the New Mexico exchange exhibition.

I have so much work that has never been seen.  One day when I finally sell my house and shift to
Brisbane,  I will  have a studio sale, to find homes for some of these artworks.

In the meantime I have produced another canvas titled  'A view from the Hummock'.  A nightscape generated from some quick sketches I made of the Hummock at twilight. (Above)

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