Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pine Rivers Art Gallery

Pine Rivers Art Gallery is a beautiful venue for my upcoming exhibition.
Once all its movable walls are put away, it leaves a quite usable rectangular space.

The Goddess sculptures will be setup in their usual diamond shaped pattern.  

The 20 digital prints  are being prepared at Flash Photobition in Newstead, and will be delivered flat packed to the gallery this week.  I hope all will go well. The prints  will each be 1 metre high, with various widths.

I will talk to Jess from Creative regions tomorrow to see if there is anything else we can do in terms of marketing this exhibition.  She is the expert. I have used Mail Chimp to create an exhibition invitations list. The list has been sent down to Tracey, the exhibition curator.

I think I better start sorting through the storage rooms and bring out the sculptures that will be taken to Brisbane. Attached is one of the images that will be at Pine River Art Gallery - opening March 2, 6pm

Talk soon!  c x

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  1. Hi Christine, Lesley here, News Editor at the Pine Rivers Press. Please give me a call when you can on 3480 8216, we would be delighted to promote your exhibition if that suits you, Cheers!