Thursday, February 23, 2012

Water Tower bombing

The Water Tower over East was our most recent video bombing target. Brad and I learnt quite a lot from this session.

The high contrast black and white images were the best. There was quite a lot of haziness about some images. I'm not sure if this means the digital files might need to be larger, or that the problem is that the surface of the tower is a dull brown colour. 

Our more succesful bombings have been on white surfaces I think.

I am very annoyed with myself for not double checking the files I had prepared for the bombing.  As it turned out, two of them were not rendered properly, so we had to rely on some previous videos.

We were delighted to have quite a few spectators last night, including Jess and Darling. A couple from Scotland Street came over to talk to us about the projections. and several cars pulled over to park for a while to see what was happening!    All in was another great night in Bundaberg!

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