Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good news

It started off as a good day as I had the return of my laptop from the computer repair man.  The laptop, with its new keyboard has no other option now, but to type the letter 'b' whenever I desire it!!!   So I have won a battle this time.

More good news in the form of a comment  that appeared today on my blog.   Lesley, the news editor left a phone number for me to ring regarding promotion of the 'Suburban Goddess' exhibition in the Pine Rivers Press.  I will definitely follow that up.  That is great!

And even more good news after I sent the director Marj Sullivan photos of my 'Lifescape' biscuit tin installation, she is keen to show a similar installation as part of her 'renew' exhibition later in the year.  I will probably use the tins in a series of circles.   I am very excited!  

For one happy dragon, a good start to the Year of the Dragon!

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