Friday, February 17, 2012

Video Bombing

Brad and I went video bombing around Bundaberg's streets last night.  It  was late night shopping and so there was a lot more traffic than we have usually found. Brad is able to set up our equipment in about 5 minutes flat now, which means we can take in several sites over a couple of hours.  

We projected a short video I had produced on Adobe Premiere elements...A figure study in black and white. The image held up very well, I think, because of it's strength and simplicity.

Various other  short videos I had produced for bombing were sadly lacking.  I will have to  rethink and reinvigorate them or start again. 

We tried another couple of sites without success.  We are learning what qualities are needed to make a good site.  Wall, not too distant....quality of the darkness and so on.

The other big success for the night was Brad's bunny video.  The bunny is a striking and intriguing character.   The basically black and white format was very successful on the walls above Noyes Glass. 

The  backpackers  on the other side of the road to us,enjoyed the bunny movie from their adjacent balconies.

Someone rang Brad's partner, Jess, to tell her that there was a video bombing taking place in Bundaberg!!! We felt happy that we were becoming somewhat notorious around town.  But really it's about getting work out there!

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