Sunday, April 17, 2011

Portrait of a Stranger

What a great day Friday was.  Firstly, my computer tower was back from a Warranty repair, with a new DVD  drive. The new drive  is so quiet.

Then, best of all, my print for one of the works  was produced and it looks fab! I hope Judy and Fiona will like it. I will have to trim the narrow white borders off myself.

Dropped in on Clinton, who has just retuned from a few weeks in Sydney and Brisbane.  I gave him a cute skunk ornament and a bag of ornaments sent for him by Jenny McDuff.

He gave me a glass of wine and we had fun talking about all our plans.  Clinton is going to repaint his shed.  Yes, Clinton lives in a shed.  The interior changes all the time, but it is always full of treasures.

I got my paperwork ready for BRAG and have a grant application on the go.  There is more paperwork to be done for 'Collective Insites'. I hope to finalise all of these projects tomorrow.

At last I got Blogger to accept an image.   I don't think I was doing anything different, so I am not sure why my files were being rejected.

I had a great Saturday  morning with Brad at ABC Open, and a handful of others interested in photography.

Brad gave us lots of advice and was very encouraging. We went later with a partner to find an interesting spot to take each others photo.  I will ask my partner Sue if I can put one or two of the pictures I took of her on my blog.

We have to go and seek out a stranger to photograph and write a short story about.
Some of our stories will be posted on the ABC Open web site:('Portrait of a Stranger').
It's a great project.  I think I gave the link already, but I will post it again.

Attached above from 'Boom Baby Boom': 'The Birth of Eve'.

Talk soon.  Cx

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