Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cash register 4

I was really delighted to get a reply to my emails to America re my rusty old cash register.  I received an email from a kind gentleman named Milton, who gave me the following information and advice:

These machines were made in Dundee Scotland or assembled in Sydney. By the serial number it has not been converted to decimal which means that it was too old for a full conversion subsidy or it was a decimal machine to start.. The S in front of the serial number states it was re-built and sold as a second hand machine and may have been converted when overhauled. The unfortunate thing for these machines they do not have much value for collectors, I have 5 of these machines and have not paid more than $35 each. They require quite a few hours to make them work again and with the hourly charge nowadays and the cost of refinishing them they do not present good value for money. Please look up in your local phone book to see if there is a NCR office near you, They may know of someone local to repair it. You could try the Brisbane office. Keep an eye on e-Bay to check prices.

The main reason these machines dont work is the grease and oil set like cement on the shafts, the parts are made from powdered metal and over time there is a chemical reaction if not regularly serviced. Try using WD 40 to spray in to the gearbox for the indicators, this can take a few days for it to penetrate. The cabinet comes off by undoing up to 6 screws where the cash drawer comes out 2 each side and 2 at the back but most only have 2 to 3 in it. When putting cabinet back on you must hold down the pawls that lock the lid and guide it past the reset lever.

Thanks Milton for your interesting email.


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