Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grant application

I think I should have stayed working.I am far too busy since I  retired...I finished the contracts and so on for the Vault at BRAG.  I have spent the last few days getting an Australia Council grant application ready.  Left it to the last minute again!  I got the disc made with a slideshow for the application and while at BRAG, I asked Trudie to check the disc for me.  We couldn't open the disc and found after a while, that only a shortcut had saved. So I went home and saved the show onto a new disc. And then returned to BRAG to make sure I had it saved correctly now.

I found a big long smudge of light on the black background of one of the most imporrtant works.  So home again  I went,  to fix the image and make a new disc. Of course. I then ran out of discs, and had to borrow  a couple from Jordy across the road..Finally finished the disc and went back to Jordy, but his computer didn't have  Office, so I wasn't able to check the disc there.. I headed down the road to see Rachael and when she opened the disc, my new slideshow was there ready to go.

I arrived with my grant application at 10 to 5, just in time to lodge my application  before the deadline at 5pm.

This was a truly ridiculous day and I will have to get better organised than that.

Attached above is a photo of one of my works in the 'Suburban Goddess' exhibition last year.

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