Friday, April 22, 2011


I am looking for a special type of doily for one of my works for the 'Collective Insites'.  I cant seem to find one anywhere. It is quite a gorgeous old thing.  See attachment.
I'd like to have a couple of these, so check  out your Granny's  doilys if she has any. I really only need to borrow one.

I am finding it harder and harder to find this kind of doily. Sadly they are not often made these days.

As an artist, creating my works from objects and primarily women's things, I  will find that the character of my work will change as these beautiful hand crafts and needleworks become impossible to find.

What will I be making then?  I can't yet imagine. I don't want to imagine.

I have a tin of beautiful old embroidery patterns too. I will show you how I have used them in my works in the past.

I went to Rachael's  yesterday  to see if she had one in her extensive collection. But no luck.  She was amazingly kind and climbed into her roof space to try to find what I was looking for. 

You may remember Rachael from an earlier posting.  I will put up the link.

She's dropping over soon for a glass of chardy!!  It could be a hectic evening!!

By the way, Clinton rang and has sold another work at Gatakers. He has done really well.

I am going to pick him up on Monday and we are off to Woodgate to see the Jenny McDuff, who is having a studio 'Open' day.

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