Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cash register

I took my cash register to the wonderful people at Sharps on Takalvan Street the other day.  They are so kind and helpful there. 
They got that stubborn screw out in no time at all with their magic screwdriver.

They made two suggestions for cleaning the register up.

Firstly, wash down with shellite with a good squirt of sewing machine oil mixed in.

Secondly, spray with degreaser and hose out. 

I chose the second option as I had a can of degreaser on hand.  The register is looking great after that.  I dried it in the sun and gave it a quick spray of wd40 so it wouldn't develop more rust.

Sadly, I am no closer to getting it to work.  So, I put  it back together, and low and behold I have a spare part. I can't remember where it goes!  Typical!

Anyway , I may have found a  model number on a small metal plaque.  I will have to clean the surface with Jiff or something like that and hope that it doesn't completely erase the number.
Armed with that number, I might try to email NCR.

Well I am sick and tired of the database I am trying to develop for the web.  I want to link up with Paypal and have some of my prints available for sale via my website.   I just can't get the database quite right.   I need someone to come and read out the instructions while I feed the info in.  It's quite complicated.

I'm going to take time out and get a few good closeups of the register. The I will pop in to see Catherine up at BRAG.  She is conducting a print workshop there.

c x

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