Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The good news was that the old cash register started to work.  It had taken two cans of Wd40 and two degreasings to get  all the keys going and the numbers started turning over too.  Then at last the bell started  ringing and the till would fly out.  So I spent 10 minutes just  playing with making that bell ring...the suddenly, something flew off the machine onto the floor and the keys on the cash register are locked again.  Unbelievable!

Anyway, I took Clinton down to Jenny McDuff's studio open day. She had a great many people coming through as one would expect. She is so highly respected in art circles and amongts enthusiastic locals also.

She had some wonderful artworks for sale and people were very keen to buy.    I took my camera and tripod so that I could make a slide show  for her, which I have done.  It needs a few more close ups of some of the works and it should be good enough to put up on Youtube.

I finally managed to drag Clinton away.  He had beeen enjoying the wine and nibblies all day and wasn't keen to get home!!

I'm trying to  get some digital prints listed for sale via ebay.  It's taking a little longer  than I thought it would as I found I needed to make my own template. But it should be worthwhile.

I'm tired....think I will have an early night.  Sweet dreams!  c x                           

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