Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy week

What a busy week I have had,  I have given my website a face lift...I like to change it regularly and although I am currently showing some earlier works, it is my aim to post some very new works shortly.
I am also introducing a photography page.  Photography is becoming such an important part of my art practice.

I am really excited that I am going to be involved with a  photography workshop run by Brad Marsellos
for  ABC Open later in April.   Brad has had an interesting project called 'Portrait  of a Stranger''s online....check it out:  

I have finally made a decision about my digital print for one of my works in 'Collective  Insites'.  It should be printed next week. It is a relief to have it  settled and  I can get on with sewing my backdrop for another of the works.

My artist card  has been sent and writing completed.  I'm hoping that I haven't overlooked anything.
I will send Judy an email in case she needs more photos.

The opening of 'Collective Insites' is not far off now....May 2 and 3 for setup and opening May 6 th  closing TBA.  It's getting really exciting now.  I  can't wait to see what the others have produced.

Judy's catalogue for the exhibition should be interesting too- she is a very good editor and I am keen to hear what she has to say in her article.

Attached below are some photos of Clinton's exhibition. These 3 sold.....look out comes Clinton!!

Till soon....c x

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