Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hectic days


In the morning I prepared a folder of images and text to send to Allison at Hervey Bay Gallery. She will be producing some educational resources about the CI project.  That done I went down to the gallery to take some pictures of the cash register for Trudie at BRAG.   My show there in the vault will be on June 29th.  Trudie will come to see me this week regarding the show.     The exhibition was required to be relating to  banking, so I have been planning a work about the Global Financial Crisis.

The  cash register is now in the boot of my car, to go up to  Sharp's to get one persistent screw out of the till section.   I hope removing that section will give me a better view  deeper inside the cash register.
Maybe then I can get the register going properly.

I nearly forgot to tell you, my computer tower went on the blink....wouldn't you know it... It will be away for repairs all week.

One good thing that came out of it was I found a printer who can do my print at the same shop.  That will save me travelling to Maryborough for it.

The wallhanging for one of my 3 works in  the 'Collective Insites' exhibiton is looking rather beautiful.
What do you think?    Come on now don't be shy!

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