Friday, June 11, 2010

The Women’s Room

I spent the day working over that canvas I thought I had finished. In fact I have actually spent a couple of days playing with it. Juggling the lights and darks. Playing my 'boardgames'. It's close to being finished now - I think.

I put a second coat of paint on the other collage - black and silver this time. I'm getting a quote for another two canvases from Dave at Art'n Such here in Bundaberg.

I also spent a couple of hours on the computer, making images, so it has been a pleasing and productive day. See attached one of today's digital images: face22

Getting back to my upcoming exhibition, tomorrow, I am going to draw up a plan for the 3 sided 'Room' installation. I will measure up and try to decide on the size of the room. I can overlap sculptures where I want to. I will also be able to include some other domestic objects that I had hoped to display.

I am getting happier about my new is actually better than the 'grid' plan. I could also develop the 'Room' idea a bit further. Maybe having a 4 sided construction, with an entry gap on one side and an exit gap on the opposite side, creating an intense, even claustrophobic environment within.
Maybe it won't feel claustrophobic... it may have the air of a cathedral.

Over the last week or so, I keep recalling snippets of Marilyn French's novel 'The Women's Room'. There are a few influences percolating up from the depths. Perhaps I should read the book again, if I have time.

I have done a quick 'Wikipedia' cut and paste that describes the book, in case you are interested in reading it.

'The Women's Room is a novel by American feminist author Marilyn French first published in 1977.
French was almost unknown among feminist circles before the publication of the book. It has been described as one of the most influential novels of the modern feminist movement. Its instant popularity brought criticism from some well known feminists that it was too pessimistic about women's lives and too anti men.
The Women's Room is set in 1950s America and follows the fortunes of Mira Ward, a conventional and submissive young woman in a traditional marriage and her gradual feminist awakening. The novel met with stark media criticism when published but went on to be an international best seller.'

Jobs for tomorrow: Start new installation floor plan. Decide how many sculptures will be needed for each side. Allocate positions of sculptures. Check heights and other details. Compile a list of things to do and things to buy if necessary. Draw out the plan for the computer.


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