Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday at gallery39

I have had the most wonderful Sunday in my gallery/studio with all my favourite people around - Beryl, Susan, Catherine, Kathy and Jordan.


We discussed the future display of the Suburban goddesses, and all will be revealed  in time. 

Catherine Mc Cue, our Print maker - 'extraordinaire', had us dressing up to model for  artworks for her exhibition at Gatakers with Susan in November .  I will report on that exhibition as we go along.  It is going to be fabulous. Trust me.

Look in on Catherine McCue’s website listed below.

Her  ‘The Big Picture’ printing business (also listed below), is booming -  particularly amongst artists who appreciate her attention to detail in all the print making processes. Speciality art printing is an area Catherine chooses to pursue. She caters for all manner of printing necessities.

We had Kathy Donnelly's delicious potato,leek and bacon soup for lunch and settled in with a couple of wines after that. (Except for Jordan of course). 

Don't forget to look in on Kathy's Scar Tree Art Project. It is listed to the right of the screen.  Leave her a message if you would like to comment on her beautiful work...or ask her how she came to make it -  whatever!

At the bottom of each posting you will see the word 'Comments'.  Click on the word and a comments box will come up. You don't even have to leave your name, but we would love to hear from you. 

I managed to dig a couple of mannequin parts out of the chaos of my back shed, and have quite a  good group of subjects to photograph for my digital works.  I have been in some kind of stupor  for the past few days, mesmerised by my computer screen and all the miraculous goings on afforded to me in this digital age.

I just love playing with imagery in my computer with its wonderful software.

I have made many works  that closely interlink with the 'Suburban Goddess' theme. 

The 'Broken Woman'BrWoman115 08 sm series is particularly important and is dedicated to the memory of my late husband, Alan.
I guess it's best to show you  a couple of the images and let them speak for me.

   BrWoman52 08 sm








Tomorrow I will post one of the latest series.

Getting back to Sunday in the gallery,  Sue, Kathy and I had a wonderful time over coffee at the end of the day.  Kathy introduced us to one of her clever creative writing exercises. I haven't laughed so much in years.  It is a great thing to have this close ‘camaraderie’ with kindred spirits.

Jobs for tomorrow:  Spend an hour or two on my silver canvas…I have been neglecting it.

Prepare a disc of new digital images for promotional purposes.

Take some more photos of the mannequins.

Take back downstairs to the gallery, all the art stuff I have bought up while so busy with the large collages.

Till soon!   c

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