Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New floor plan

I have had a busy day or two, running around on various chores.  Developing some picture files of my new large canvases, so that I can send them around to  galleries  and interior designers. I ordered two new canvases as well and picked up some watercolour paper for our next print workshop at BRAG.

Yesterday I decided to bring all the  goddess sculptures back into my gallery to try to combine them into the new floor plan I have devised.  Fortunately I had the assistance of the wonderful and tireless" Jordan, my friend from over the road.

"Just ring me! Any time you ring me, I'll be there.......  Just ring!" He tells me this all the time. jordy63m

He helps me carry the big canvases upstairs to my apartment where I paint them in the evenings, listening to the radio. Once they are painted, he helps me carry them back down to my gallery/studio for  hanging, storing, photographing or whatever.   

Yesterday he  called out to me and came over to help carry all the sculptures from my back storage shed into the gallery.  We had only stored them in the back shed a few weeks ago, but Jordan seems to jordy8smunderstand and we have lots of fun doing what is necessary.

I have posted a few photos of Jordan. He is a very special and wonderful person.  Funny too!








There are also some photos of the contents of my storage shed.




Today Kathy dropped in with her gorgeous daughter Bindi,  who is visiting from Sydney.  We had coffee, toured the gallery and spent time talking art and family again! ....which we never tire of!blogshed2sm  Kathy wiblogshed3all be sending me some writing about the Scar Tree Art Project she has just completed  and I will be able to post her photos  then.


Here is a picture of these two amazing women  - Strong, motivated and passionate.


I really am fortunate to have such wonderful IMG_3216people  in my life.    I will introduce you to more of my friends as we go along. 

I spent most of yesterday evening trying to arrange the sculptures according to my new plan.  Try as I may, it seems that the new design is not going to work.  I will press on a while longer.

Till soon,   c.

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  1. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day for our visit, Chris. I love the fact that I am getting to know the Goddesses more personally. It reminds me of how when we first meet someone from an unfamiliar cultural background we may see them as a group, but over time the individual nuances and traits become clear. I particularly enjoyed my time with Willow; she's a wistful, faraway soul. Kathy x