Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mary Poppins Festival

The Mary Poppins Festival happens each year  in Maryborough, as it is the birthplace of Mary Poppins author, PL Travers.

Maryborough is about a 1 1/2 hours trip, South of Bundaberg.

Trevor Spohr (Art and Cultural Development Officer)  from Gatakers Artspace, had asked Brad Marsellos and me to do a video projection for the festival.

Unfortunately Brad was not available for this Saturday appointment, but I went along anyway and had a great time.

It was a beautiful  evening...Irish band playing, lots of delicious foods and wines. Art and crafts. And of all things a magnificent little pirate ship on wheels accompanied by four pirates.

That little ship had come with its owners from the Sunshine Coast to be part of today's festivities. It would be such a treat for young children to take rides in the ornate ship, ferried around by four scary, but funny too, pirates.

Apparently, people enjoyed the projections I had prepared, so it was a very successful evening.

I had used umbrellas as my main theme...very plain and geometric shapes.  Often, less can be more.

I was lucky to be able to spend time later that evening,  with the charming and friendly (as it turned out),  pirates.

Talk art soon!

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