Thursday, June 20, 2013

Computer woes

In two weeks I have a few digital projections to provide
for a special dinner at the H20 Bar & Restaurant. Creative Regions is having the dinner to celebrate the launch of a new website for the Foundry project.

It is a website that we have just had go live yesterday that encourages people to upload local stories – images, documents or films.  We named the site The Foundry as it is a place where information is collated and "forged" into new arts projects. '. Quote from Shelley Pisani, Creative Producer from Creative Regions.

So, of course,  my PC decided to break down, and all I had was a black screen.  Not a very nice scene at this point.  But luck was on my side this time and a faulty RAM stick was replaced and I am back in action!

The picture above is of a type of 'Goddess of the field', and will be part of a projection pertaining to the smallcrops industry in and around Bundaberg. The overlay on Brigid's face is an aerial photograph of parts of Bundaberg.    cx

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