Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adam James David Anderson

'Port of the Red City'

My friend and fellow artist Adam had his exhibition this evening at BRAG.  It was a very well attended exhibition, and very well received.. Adam's talented sister Julia provided musical entertainment, whilst the art lovers soaked up this unique experience.

'Haifa is a city as sleepy as it is ancient, known also as the Red City for its communist character and the philosophies of its inhabitants. The works in this exhibition convey the states the artist endured while living in the Red City, giving an uneasy, relentlessly restless account of his life, which is echoed in the city itself. The exhibition includes paintings, mixed media images and jewellery - all supported by photographs of the Red City and the artists' life in it.'  (Quote from the BRAG invitation.)


Adam is an artist to watch.  He will go far.  Make sure you don't miss this show.   Great job Adam!!! cx



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