Sunday, July 7, 2013

Digital Imaging

My recent days have been hours  and hours in front of the computer screen, attempting to move small picture files  along a path and across time.    It sounds easy enough,  but my results are inconsistent and I can see that it is going to take time and lots of practice.

I started producing digital works in 1998 when I had been confined to home for a period of time.   My late husband Alan arrived home one day with a thoughtful gift -  Corel 3 digital imaging software.   

I had found a new obsession.

As simple as that software was, compared to the packages I use today,  it still took me over six months to get reasonably confident with it. 

Digital imaging  has become the most important aspect of my work combined with a developing interest in photography and in video production for digital projection.

A still from the 'Cogs' animated video I am currently producing.    cx

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