Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Foundry digital projection

The day had come at last.  This was the day that I would see my latest project come to fruition.  A video bombing of the Bundaberg Foundry, to be viewed from the other side of the Burnett River at the H20 bar and Restaurant.

Later that night there was a special dinner there  showcasing produce from local providers and special tributes to some of the very innovative and successful of the local farming families...and of course, the launching of another project by Creative Regions, a new website... website championing local content.

I have had several months to prepare videos for this project.

After  our test run early in the week, I realised I had some last minute changes to make to the videos.  Having made the changes I found on a couple of occasions, that the videos stopped soon after they started  and remained stuck.  I remade the  videos and they tested as fine, but I was not 100% confident with them....especially with the large scale of this particular project.

The projection went off without a hitch, I am very pleased to say.  Pictures coming.     cx

PS  It seems I am having problems combining PC generated files with Apple equipment.  Things are looking better for  my video making after a defrag, graphics card driver update and fixing the virtual memory setting.

Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos of the projection, as I was busy.  You can see from the bottom two photos, how the projection was improved when the Foundry lights were switched off for 15 minutes.  Thanks so much to the foundry management for allowing that.   cx



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