Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Suburban Goddess collection

The time is fast approaching that I will have to pick up the Suburban Goddesses. Pine Rivers Art Gallery Gallery curator Tracey Walllace has been a dream to work with and I am sorry that she will not be  at the gallery next Monday when I pick up the works. She will be away on holidays.

Tracey, however is committed to do whatever she can to assist me to arrange a touring exhibition of the Goddesses.  This will be a very positive thing to come out of this exhibition. Other highlights have been meeting Brian, photographer extraordinare and Helen's generous family....and  Lesley. (A big thankyou!)

Unfortunately Susan Hutton's husband has had to undergo surgery this week and she will be unavailable to help me collect the works.  So I will have to look in to other options.  Hire a van or something like that.

That's what I have been doing since the start of this Art Merry-Go Round ride anyway, so all is good!

Thanks to all the wonderful folk from Pine Rivers  beautiful Art Gallery.  A superb venue!! Cheers!!
PS Thanks to Peter Stannard as well!

c x

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