Monday, March 26, 2012

Time lapse

I have been trying to get  a blog written these last few days.  I have too much to do!!  I won't begin to tell, I will just report on the highlight of the week, which has been the making of a time lapse video of my biscuit tin installations.

I searched Youtube for information about the time lapse feature of my Canon G9.  There was not a lot of information to be found in the little manual that came with the camera. But, as ever there were all sorts of tutorials available on the web and I eventually found what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, the camera only shoots a rather low resolution time lapse video.

I set my tripod up on top of a large old art crate I  had on hand.  Even then, I was not able to capture the entire scene in the camera viewfinder.  Once all the settings were activated, I was free to join my young friends Hannah and Joshua to begin to transform the large installation,called 'Lifescape', into  two new works.

After a couple of hours filming I had quite a large video file to upload to Youtube or Vimeo.

The way my computer is functioning at present is going to make it rather difficult to upload the file.  My computer is in 'go painfully slow' mode.  It's probably my internet access that is at the bottom of it.  However, I will post the video link  as soon as the file has been uploaded successfully.

Lovely to have a kind comment via the fabulous Brenda May Gallery.  My work for the show there in October is nearly finished.  I will be able to take some good photographs to send down to the gallery.

Attached is another of my recent digital works.  Let me know if you like it!!

Till soon!  c x

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