Saturday, March 3, 2012

Artist's talk

I had a great morning in the gallery, with  7 visitors  while I was there to do an artists talk. I was delighted that Helen's Mum, Dalveen, bought some of her family.   We had a great time chatting about all the sculptures and their components and why the sculptures are as they are.  (You may remember that Helen contacted me last year to pass on some biscuit tins for my collection.)

Lo and behold they came with two more bags of biscuit tins to add to the  collection, with some stunning older tins included.  I will show you some when I get them home from the gallery.  So kind!

I was totally overloaded today with a suitcase, laptop, tripod, and tote bag to carry on to the train to Bundaberg, so I  have had to store the tins till I pick up the works at the end of the exhibition. (Saturday, 31 March.)

As I showed the ladies around, there was some interesting speculation about the artwork pictured above.  The chair folds out to make a small table with chair. We have never seen anything like this before.  I call it 'The Widow's Seat'. One of the ladies suggested - a telephone table.   Maybe you can tell me what it is???

A friendly local photographer also came to see the works today.    I am such a novice as far as the photography side of things go...there is so much to learn.  He was very helpful providing me with lots of hints to improve my work. I was very grateful.

I had a long trip home on the Spirit of the Outback.   Home at last!!!  Hooray!  Have to do last years tax return before I do one more thing in the studio. I will endeavour to get that done this week.....starting tomorrow!

Till soon   C x


  1. Hi Chris
    I've just watched both the Broken Women Series Video’s and they were a pleasure.
    The vibrant colours of the flowers and the way you use them are exceptional. Thank you.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thankyou, That means a lot coming from someone as talented as yourself.

    Best wishes from Chris.