Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brenda May Gallery

I am just so excited about my inclusion in the Brenda May Gallery group exhibition 'Art + Food - Beyond the Still Life' this October.
It is such a wonderful opportunity to take a work to Sydney a beautiful city...and to Waterloo which is apparently dotted with various galleries.   Rebecca Pearson, a Sydney artist will come to meet me and to see the exhibition.  I have come to know her through her participation in the 'Just Ideas' exhibition held here at 'Dirty Linen'...curated by Clinton Cross.

Rebecca exhibits her beautiful works in Sydney quite regularly I understand.

I may have the chance to meet James Guppy again.  I met him years ago when he came to Bundaberg with Flying Arts.  I have always admired his fabulous works.  It's great to know that he is one of Brenda's artists.

I will be preparing my work for the show this weekend and hope to do a time lapse video of that preparation.

Till soon,

c x

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  1. Hi Christine, we are really looking forward to having your work installed in the show!