Monday, March 12, 2012

Fait accompli

Fait accompli...I am in my new accommodation which is quite a joy for me.  I can duck in to the gallery or storeroom as I desire, day or night.  This will be great for my productivity!!  

Today I have to pick up my cabinet from BRAG (Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery).  The show has been very popular by all accounts.

Last Friday I had discussions with an amazing girl, Jessica Wilson - Theatre Director- Producer-Manager-Writer and Consultant, based in Melbourne.

Jessica has delivered outstanding large productions nationally and internationally.

Later this year Jessica will be in the Maryborough community along with another talented girl, Theatre Director and performer, Jodee Mundy.  They will be making plans for a huge production in Maryborough in the next year or two.

The project will be largely delivered by the children of Maryborough!!!!  It will be amazing!

I have been invited, in the early stages to consult in regards to some of the artistic content that will be proposed.  It is going fo be a very special event and I am thrilled to be taking part in it.

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