Thursday, February 10, 2011

Patrick & Elizabeth

Susan and I went to Maryborough again  yesterday.  We took along our dear friend Beryl. I thought it would be a treat for her to meet Elizabeth and Patrick and I knew they would find Beryl  very interesting.  She  has  very broad knowledge of most things.  She is the very wise one in our girl's group.  We have her on a high pedestal.

Beryl and Elizabeth had a great time  discussing so many of the things Elizabeth and Patrick have acquired over the years.  Beryl, having used a copper (exactly the same as  the one I am using to develop an artwork), was able to provide first hand information about it.

Patrick tells me that he and Elizabeth learn about the objects they have acquired, mostly from the people who come to see the collection.

I would have loved to have heard all the stories  that passed between Elizbeth and Beryl, but I had work to do.

Patrick kindly helped me set up the mangle, washer and copper for photographing. He is such an pleasant and easy going person. So kind and helpful.  I hope to return to MavisBank soon, and when I do, I want to find out what Patrick is up to in the yard.

Most of the time he is a pair of legs sticking out from under a vintage car or truck of some kind!

He has worn very artistic and trendy holes in the knees of his jeans.

I managed to get a few shots that I can work with up in the laundry and I was able to adjust my plans for the copper.

We left shortly after midday after snapping a shot of Elizabeth and Patrick in front of their home.  Yes, MavisBank is somewhere there behind all that gorgeous greenery!!

Then a whirlwind trip to Susan's historical Society,  lunch at the pub. A plate of chips and a chardonnay.
Good fun and great company.

I spent the day today,  working on some digital images to go with the mangle. Elizabeth had responded enthusiastically to my request to photograph her panorama style laying on the floor.

Next time I go to MavisBank, I will try to get some  formal portraits of them.

Till soon.  c x                      

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