Sunday, February 6, 2011

Website Revamp

I have changed my web homepage again....Have a look in:

I removed the Youtube embedded videos as I couldn't seem to get them to run smoothly.  On the Recent Work page I have embedded a  slideshow with a few  images.  It seems to be working, but  I am aiming to speed it up a little.

You can still see the  Youtube videos on the Youtube site.  Type in Christine Turner or Chris Catkin  'Broken Woman',  or 'Suburban Goddess'.   I will embed these videos throughout my blog from time to time.

I sent some writing to Judy for Collective Insites'  blog and some writing for the catalogue.  She has given  interesting feedback that will help me to develop the writing even further.

Beryl, my dear friend has dropped in, so bye for now.


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