Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pine Rivers Regional Gallery

Yesterday I went to catch up with Peter at Pine Rivers gallery regarding my exhibition there.  I have chosen to exhibit in  March 2012 as the other option (November) might clash with my trip to London.

The gallery is perfect for showing the 'Suburban Goddess' exhibition.  The floor space is roughly 13m x 14m, which should accommodate about 25 to 30 goddesses. The large wall panels are on wheels and they could be shifted back to open up the large space.

Pine Rivers Regional Gallery is a wonderful art space and has great light.  I can hardly wait to see the  Goddesses in situ. 

Peter and I examined the wall space and we think it would be possible to exhibit about 20 digital prints, unframed.  Either pinned or attached with magnets. 

It is going to be a fantastic show.

I will try to see Elizabeth and Patrick at MavisBank tomorrow, on my way home to Bundaberg.  I will hold a short interview and hope to take some portrait shots.

I spent last evening developing my writing for the Collective Insites exhibition.  I sent it off to Judy last night for some constructive criticism. 

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