Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home again

I am home again. I hate that drive to and from Brisbane now.There are so many trucks on the road and a lot of them don't seem happy to sit on 100kph. It's a bit stressful.

I had a wonderful few days at Eaton's Hill, in and out to the hospital to see Ben and Sarah and my beautiful new grandaughter Eden Elizabeth.  She was 8lb 9ozs at birth and is settling in well.  I have attached  photos of my three gorgeous grandaughters.  I took the angel photos in 2009, so Isabella and Charlotte have grown a lot since then.
Isabella top left, Charlotte top right, Eden to rightt.

I just adore these little ones.

On the way home I called in on Patrick and Elizabeth at Mavisbank.  They are always so enthusiastic about the Collective Insites exhibition.  I'm really pleased to be their partner in this endeavour.  I took notes from an interview with Elizabeth.  Later she helped me set up a couple  of  trial runs of the artworks, and they seem to be on track.

Patrick was really interested in an old cash register I had in the boot of my car.  It will be part of an installation in the Bundaberg gallery mid year, relating to banking. 

I had been to a  Bundaberg locksmith to get a broken key removed from it and to have a new key made.  They told me it could be done, but would cost a lot, including labour at $80 per hour. I have been driving around with it in my boot as it is too heavy to lift out.
On my way home, I stopped in at Gympie to break the journey.  I happened to park outside a locksmith's shop.  I was very pleased to have the broken key removed and a new one made for only $20.00. 

The cash draw still will not open yet as the inside mechanisms have become quite rusty.  Patrick told me  how to treat the rust, and I hope to eventually have the cash register working again.

Later I took some informaI  photos of  both Patrick and Elizabeth outside the house.  Patrick had been working on an old van. I will send some pictures to Judy for the blog.

C  x

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