Saturday, November 23, 2013

Projections of the Past

What a great night!  the event attracted about 300 people and received much favourable comment.  The threatening rain did not arrive.
Thanks to Brad And Steve for your support and assistance,  and Greg as well.

The 'Projections of the Past' project was initiated by the Bundaberg City Council.  I was engaged to develop the project. It was part of the celebrations of Bundaberg  becoming a city one hundred years ago.  The event was held in the Bundaberg CBD at Buss Park.

On the evening I had both the historical video and a second video playing in different areas of the park.  The Boardgames video I produced a couple of months back.

I'm so happy that things went well and I had some wonderful comments from so many folk.

Dinner out with friends topped off a brilliant day.   cx

Above:  My good friend Brad(Right) and new friend Steve.  They helped me so much.  Below is a still looking at the historical projection on the brick wall. Also below is a very short video that captured images of both projections.

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