Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Edge

Sunday morning arrived and I had the short flight to Brisbane.  I was curious to  see from high up in the air,  if the rivers were still muddy brown,  churned up as they had been by recent flooding.  The land is very forgiving it seems, because all appeared  to be in order.....for now.

Silver spangled rivers gently meandered towards a sparkling sea on a glorious Queensland morning. 'Beautiful one day-perfect the next.' as the saying goes.

On Monday, my first meeting was with the the Edge's boss, Daniel Flood, after 12, so I had arranged to meet the very talented photographer, Keith Carey in the morning.  We had a very nice time sipping our coffees on the river bank, and chatting about the possibilities of Keith  exhibiting at Dirty Linen some time in the future.

(That upside down elephant sculpture is growing on me.)

In the afternoon, Daniel gave me the grand tour of The Edge's brilliant facilities, which include everything a technology geek like myself could possibly dream of, from a huge room full of massive Apple computers, to sound studios, to auditoriums and so much more.  All accessible to  the public at very little , or no cost.   Their goal, simply stated, is to promote new technologies and also to support scientific endeavour..

Daniel and I discussed  what was possible for The Edge to provide for me in the way of tuition.  the outcome of that meeting was very positive, and I will come away a great deal more skilled than I have been in the past.  This is a wonderful opportunity for me, thanks to 'The Edge', and the Flying Arts organisation.

I am keen to catch up with Flying Arts Jenny Jones and co soon.

More news tomorrow.       cx

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