Friday, November 8, 2013

More news from The Edge

Tuesday was a treat for me. The morning, I spent sampling some of the many software programs available for people to use.  Top of the range versions… intimidating!  Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and so on.   The computer screens are completely covered in icons.
It made my day when I was able to rotate an object across the screen in Adobe After Effects!!!

In the evening, I was able to attend a wonderful lecture by Dan Cook, who has created projections for the Opera House,  Vivid and many other amazing projects.

Dan showed us some videos of the outstanding projects that people around the world have done.  So inspiring!

Dan told us the history to date of projections and also provided some very useful practical advice too.
This lecture is to be followed up by a couple of workshops, where we will be building prototype laser projectors, for mapping small objects.

I can see where my art practice is heading!

On the occasional evening that I am home early in the evening,  this is the view of Brisbane that I am fortunate to enjoy from my son's apartment by the river.  

Sometimes I think I am dreaming!!!

Till soon,      Cx


  1. Wow, Christine....this is fabulous. And, you're right...that view is a winner. Inspirational, no? So glad for you to have this experience. Looks and sounds wonderful.

  2. Thanks Nolan for the encouragement!! Hey…our old friend Adrienne is back on Terra Firma. Had lunch with her and her friends at the Brisbane Art Gallery today. It's good to have her back. cx