Friday, December 6, 2013

Chilling out!

At last it's time to chill out a little.  All my major projects are finished for the year, so I can relax a bit before Xmas.

I wanted to tell you more about my time at The Edge. 

I am so grateful to Flying Arts and The Edge for sponsoring the Digital Art Award  at the recent Qld Regional Art Awards.  My prize was a  fully funded two week residency at The Edge. 

The Edge is part of the State Library of Qld, and it  allows the opportunity to experiment across the arts, technology, science  and enterprise.

You can reserve a bay window (overlooking the cityscape and Brisbane River) for solo or group work.  Book a mac to use specialist creative software and record, edit and mix music in Lab 3.

There are free beginners workshops in the basics of design, film animation, music recording and  more.   You can pay for one on-one tutoring by appointment also.

You can meet up with collaborators and a creative community. A range of meet-ups take place in the space for face-to-face networking or you can join them on Facebook and Twitter.

Daniel Flood and his staff do a great job and are very friendly and supportive.

During my stay I had tutoring to improve my key framing skills, and I  attended two workshops relating to Video  mapping.  I also made myself familiar with some of the best software on the market today.  I'm not yet up to learning  that software, but I will get there some day with the help of the folk of The Edge.

Since my return home, I have been trawling the net for more video mapping  information.

Attached is a video of a very basic mapping I have made with simple software on my iPad!!.    What next!!!???   This video looks to the rear of my studio, with 4 plinths close to the front.    


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