Monday, December 16, 2013

A busy week ahead

Clinton's exhibition was well attended with quite a few sales on the night and even more in the following days. 

Music was provided by Mitchell Browne, a multi-talented, musician, singer, dancer, actor, now studying Psychology on the Gold coast. Mitchell was accompanied by Bryant Barnett.  They played an impressive range of instruments from electric guitars to saxophone and cello.

Mitchell had us completely enchanted with his rendition, in French, of an Edith Piaf classic.

Sam McKenna, another of the Linen's faithful young fans was also in town, and came by to visit us, as did Joe Saxby.  Joe is another very talented young singer/songwriter.

It is quite remarkable, the amount of talent Bundaberg is turning out, and it's hard to  see our young friends leave for the cities for their studies.  But they  come back and visit us at the Linen,  and that is wonderful.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot with Sam.  A good opportunity to catch up on her news.   Talk soon!

Mitchell Browne

Mitchell and Sam catch up with their favourite (ex) teacher
Petrina McDonald.

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