Monday, October 8, 2012

Home again


It is always a great feeling when the plane touches down on Bundaberg tarmac!  I have been away for one week  and have crammed so much into that small space of time.   Coming home to my apartment and studio is  a great comfort.  I am going to try to catch up on some sleep this week and a few things that  have been neglected around the place, like mowing for instance!

I seem to have been doing this forever....conducting my art practice from afar.  It makes it doubly  hard to get anywhere.    Paul Greenaway always said I was a GI...' geographically impossible! '. Still, I don't know that I agree with that.   It would all sort out if one was to  connect with the right  gallery. 

It's a bit like choosing a marriage partner..there needs to be  a deep and meaningful relationship there.

It seems to me that Brenda May has a commitment to her artists that allows them to flourish  and  continue to produce excellent work.  The Brenda May Gallery (BMG) appears to be a very nurturing place.

The gallery has great light. All glass at the front, superbly maintained high white walls stretching up to meet heavy timber rafters that give a strong sense of the architectural integrity of this beautiful building.  The concrete floor holds a history of the changes that have taken place within this building and is curiously marked suggesting an interesting passage of time.   I was delighted to be installing my work on that floor. 

From six cartons I extracted approximately 300 tins to produce my 250cm sq  'Lifescape'.  It took me  about 5 hours to install.  Brenda and Curator for the exhibition, Meg Fizell were very pleased with my work.

Through the week I had various other responsibilties to  attend to, not the least being catching up with my two wonderful grandaughters.    We had lots of fun together with my son Alan.  Apart from the art, highlights of the week included  a guided tour of the ABC building in Harris Street, Sydney.  Our wonderful guide was Ann Chesterman of ABC Open.  It was most interesting to see the nucleus of this organisation that is making such a huge impact on people in the regions.

The other highlight of the week was our first experience of 'Geo-caching', an experience shared with my son and the two young girls.  I will post a blog about later this week.

The exhibition opening was well  attended.....perhaps the cold , blustery weather kept a few away, but they will attend over the next couple of weeks no doubt.  The show closes on the 20th of October. Don't miss it!  I will put some more great  pix in my Facebook album.
Talk art soon!!   cx


  1. Thank you for being part of the show Christine, we are enjoying the 'Lifescape' installation.

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