Sunday, October 7, 2012

Charlotte's Guest Blog

Today I am posting a guest blog by my young grandaughter Charlotte, who is 5 years old.  (Blogging with a little assistance.)

Last Thursday I went with my sister, my Dad and my Gran  to visit ABC Open. The building was very fancy.  It was a very big place.

We had to put on special visitors passes.   A lady came to the foyer.  Her name was Ann and she was very nice.

We all went to see the 'Giggle and Hoot' studio. We saw where all the kids had sent their pictures in to be hung up on the wall.

We saw the ABC  news desk.

Then we went in a lift up to the ABC Open offices.  Lots of people worked there.  They were very friendly. They told us all about ABC Open.

They saw my orange camera. They liked it because it is orange.  Orange is my favourite colour.  They asked to see some of my photos.  I showed them a photo of my family having dinner, and a photo of my pink notebook.

A very kind lady gave us orange caps with ABC Open written on them.

Then we went to the Play School room and I saw Big Ted and Little Ted. They were really big!  We got a suprise because  Little Ted was bigger than Big Ted too!  My sister and I got a photo taken.

          (Photo above of Charlotte.)
The we went to see the horse puppets that had been practising for a play. They were very big puppets.)

                         (Charlotte's sister, Isabella.)

                                                  Chris and Ann  of ABC Open (Right)

We went into a lift and  Richard from Gardening Australia was there.  Gardening Australia is one of my Mum's favourite shows.

We said thankyou and good-bye to Ann.  Last of all we had our photos taken as Bananas in Pyjamas. 

It was amazing!  

Charlotte is quite was amazing!  Thanks to Ann Chesterman and the friendly people of ABC Open. c x

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