Saturday, October 13, 2012


As part of Bundaberg's Crush Festival, Brad Marsellos (Producer  ABC  Open Wide Bay) and I were invited to show some of our experimental videos.   Brad did all of the work really as I was tied up with the exhibition in Sydney.

We showed about an hour of videos, half of which were by young students from local schools.

I was so impressed by the videos  the students had produced.  Their works were sometimes witty, always insightful.  Each video had a message.  All in all, it was just so impressive.

Brad had developed  sound tracks provided by Joe Saxby (student, musician extraordinare) and another friend, to fit together with some video images I had  produced. The results are fantastic and the works have been a brilliant collaboration for all of  us.

Thanks Brad, Joe, James,Tyler,  Sam and  Julia. You people have a great future ahead of you.


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