Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Web design

Well it seems I have become a web designer overnight as well as a photographer!!   I am going to stick a poster  in my window and see if I get any responses. I designed a rather nice poster for this purpose. Tamara at Officeworks printed it up for me for $15.

In the end I gave  it to Justyn when I went to ask Rachael if I could post it in my studio window.  So I will have to get another tomorrow.
Rachael is thrilled to bits with the photos, and they really are quite good I think…better than I could have hoped for.  It is the lighting that seems to make the difference. I am going to have fun experimenting.
Rachael is working  around the corner in a retirement village and she put my name forward to develop a website for the growing complex. 
I have made a few over recent years, or helped friends to make their own.  Ben had bought me the software years ago… probably seven years.   I was a bit hesitant to go online at first, but once I got going there has been no looking back.
The days just get busier and busier and I don’t know how I am going to get everything done!  In the back of my mind is a little voice nagging me about what I will show at my next solo exhibition and I have been trying to sort that out.   I would really like to show the digital works on paper with the figures I have made using the panorama settings.  I am going to try to select  up  to ten good images. image
But I must get on with the website first. It will mean some welcome dollars for me.
Till soon    C xx

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