Friday, August 20, 2010


I have spent the last day or so pricing  promotional products that might be suitable for the upcoming exhibition.
I have discounted  having T Shirts  printed up as they are just a bit too expensive.
I thought for a start that I could get some art cards printed. They would be an inexpensive memento of the exhibition and the cards will have my website advertised on the back cover.
I had 250gsm A4 card  printed with  images from my Digital Projection.  I’m quite pleased with them. (Picture attached below.)  I will just have to spend some time scoring the cards so they can be easily folded. That will be a tedious jog.
On Monday, will  look around for envelopes to  suit the cards.
C   x


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  1. These look great mum! A really good idea! I'll definitely be acquiring a few to place strategically around the house!
    Love ya!