Monday, August 30, 2010

Alan’s comments

My son Alan posted this response to my blog about life after the Suburban Goddess exhibition:
Alan said:
''I can't help thinking back over the various phases of your artwork as I read through your blog mum. The "Frogs on Lillypads" that hung on our bathroom wall for so many years, "The Battle of the Oranges" (I'm still upset at you for selling that one!), your early installations including the reinterpretation of "the birth of venus", the amazing journey of Dante, the Martyr's wall which evoked such amazingly personal responses, the engaging walk-under kaleidoscopes, your Escher-esque patterns and now into your digital works... a celebration of persistence is very true, but also an amazing evolution! You should be very proud! It has been a wonderful journey... and so much more to go! Love, Alan."
I think I told you all earlier in my blog about the wonderful support I have always had from my family,...and there it is! What can I say?  I am truly blessed.   Thankyou Alan. I love you so!
I'm attaching one of my new Venuses for you to see- a sneak preview of my latest work. 
By the way, you are a terrific writer. 
Alan has been awarded a scholarship to study Aviation Medicine in London next year.  We are so proud of Alan for this achievement and for the many long months he dedicated to caring for the sick and wounded troops and civilians in Afghanistan recently.
C  xx

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