Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Digital projector

The days are getting busier. I seem always to have a deadline of some kind. I am so pleased that the sculptures are all but ready to go and I can concentrate on all the myriad of issues related to the presentation of the work.

I have started a Powerpoint Digital Projection. It will be more formal than the one I have just finished.

I had a call from Trevor Spohr (Arts and Cultural Development Officer) at Gatakers Artspace. He delivered very welcome good news – Gatakers Artspace has a new digital projector ! Fantastic! I had priced one to use for the DP and found it too costly. This is great news for me, and for the many artists that will use the projector in the future.

I have asked Trevor to send me details of the brand of projector so that I can get some information off the web about it. I’m wondering if it will play a disc or if it will need to connect to a computer or laptop.

As well as that good news – more brilliant news. Allison from Hervey Bay Regional Gallery has offered to include my exhibition flyer in her mailout of 600 invitations. That is wonderful!!

But, I said…..‘my exhibition flyer’. Actually I haven’t made one yet!!! So I better get cracking!

Allison needs it by Friday, but I am aiming at Thursday.

I have contacted the Australia Council to see what logos I may need to include on the flyer as they had sponsored the original creation of the Suburban Goddesses.

The flyer will probably be the size of a DL business envelope.

I will have to chase up printers today. I’m not sure that the local printers will be able to get this done on such short notice.

I better get going! Talk soon. c

PS: Rita loves her new nose!


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  1. How exciting, Chris! Openning night draws closer and closer. Do you think it was perhaps a little vain of Rita to have "some work done"? Lord knows she's a very attractive young woman, but digital surgery!!! When does the show open? I hope I am back for it. I'm currently writing an exhibition proposal for a show called "Cows in the kitchen": A multi-discipline exhibition of works by the Nimingarra Nine. There is so much to tell you, I'd best get a skittle on and get home to Bundy, but not before a short excursion to Broome next week. Keep doing amazing things. Love and hugs Kathy xoxox