Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have been struggling all day with the collage that has been giving me a difficult time lately.  I can't remember how many layers of paint it has had now, but it has had many.

Tonight I lay the canvas on the floor and scrubbed off as many layers as I could revealing yet another unsatisfactory surface.  I took the canvas outdoors and hosed it  clean.

I have now painted the surface black and I will work some gold  features back into it.

About midday, I had a call from a friend and fellow artist Ella.  She was clearing out her garage and had a small timber step ladder to give me.  She had seen my work called 'Water Falls' and thought I may like another ladder.  Of course I was delighted and picked it up straight away!  

I set off for home, but decided to drop in at the Bundaberg dump shop. Really, its title is 'Trash and Treasure'. I should try to get used to calling it that.

So there I found the lovely old pram. 

These are just the types of domestic objects that I like to use in my artworks.  The artwork below - 'Water Falls'  uses a full sized  timber ladder and a bridal veil and is a response to   the recent flooding in Bundaberg.

Till soon!   cx

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