Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recovery - Open Mind Exhibition

This is turning out to be a big week.  The rush is on for Adam and I to have everything in order for the opening of Bridges Open Mind exhibition.

Art Plus owners Phill and Marlies have made very generous  donations in the way of matt boards and foamcore  for the artworks and loan of plinths, as well as generous discounts on all other manner of artistic goods.  We thank them very much.

The  nominated artworks are rolling in now and it is looking like we will have over 80 works.  This is a stunning effort by the artists of Bridges.

The typing is almost completed and will be transferred onto labels and then onto  foamcore as title and biography plaques for  the various artists.

A party of volunteers will hang the works this Friday, ready for the grand opening on Saturday at 5.30pm.

This will be such an exciting event celebrating recovery.   Great work people of Bridges!!

As I have been preparing information for the exhibition, I came across the following notes that were drawn up by the members of Bridges while 'brainstorming' with Kerry B for this event:

What does it mean to you to recover or what other ideas do you have  about this  art event?

Kerry and the members  drew up the following list:

Get in touch with, glimpse that person you used to be
Feel alive again
Able to connect with the world again
You’ve done the hard yards
Life is worthwhile – works of art that show what it feels like to discover life is worth living again.
That I have control of my life again.

                                                                                                                 Artwork by Shelle of Bridges

It has been said an open mind is open so it can ‘close on something’……
Come and be challenged about notions of recovery from mental illness.
Come and see hope and progression to  recovery from the viewpoint of people whose
lives have been touched, shaped and changed by mental illness .

Open Mind Art Exhibition, September 22 – September 26

See you on Saturday!!   c

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