Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grand opening

The opening of the Open Mind exhibition turned out splendidly!  We estimated that approximately 120 people attended the show... artists, families, and their friends predominated. 

There was a buzz of genuine enthusiasm for the artworks, most of which addressed in some way, the theme of 'recovery' from mental illness.   It was so good to see the people of Bridges standing proudly in front of their works to have their photos taken.

Thanks must go out to several people......Adam Anderson, who has been the Bridges art tutor over the last few months has done an incredible job to generate excitement about the Open Mind project.  The art group has grown, and has been very productive.  There are some standout artists amongst them, who produced some stunning pieces...a few of which I will post here over the next few days.

Helen F and Mark G have been consistent helpers, across a range of tasks.  Irene has been wonderfully supportive.  And of course we all missed Kerry (who kicked off this project).  It was so good to have him at the opening. Thankyou Jenny McDuff for your interesting speech.

Art Plus were incredibly generous donating the plinths for the show and subsidising everything else.  Thanks Phil and Marlies.

Thanks to BRAG for loan of a couple of  plinths also.

Special mention must go to the Bundaberg Art Society for the donation of strings for hanging the works.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Tony Hills, who hung the better part of the show by himself.....he is a machine!!  Thankyou Tony for your brilliant effort and for your advice and company.

My job at Bridges is almost complete.

Till soon.  cx

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  1. Thanks so much for this journey.

    This project has accomplished so much. Not just pride in works achieved but people opening up both in the midst of it and those who observed. And that to me, is an awesome result.

    Thanks Christine and Adam. Let's hope this 'breaking the silence' continues in the community .....especially as we come to October 10 - World Mental Health Day.