Friday, September 14, 2012

Government House, Sydney.

It has been a while since I posted a blog.  I have been very busy with the Bridges  exhibition,  packing for the Brenda May Gallery exhibition and I am currently in Sydney to see my eldest son, Alan receive his Commendation for Distinguished Service for his work in Afghanistan.  That happened yesterday, and it was a very moving ceremony held at Government House. Official photos will be posted later when they arrive.


I wrote about this award last year. You may be interested to read that post if you haven't seen it yet.  Click here.

I only wish Ben, my younger son could have been there,  but being as far away as Alpha made it too difficult on top of work commitments.

Today I went out to Waterloo to the Brenda May Gallery,  to meet curator of the 'Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life,  Meg Fizell and Gallery Director, Brenda May.  I will be back in Sydney at the end of the month to set up my work for the exhibition that starts October 2nd.

The gallery is beautiful and a marvellous space has been allocated for my work.  It will be another very exciting time.

Till soon c x

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