Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday in the gallery

I am getting prepared for the  group exhibition in October at the Brenda May Gallery in Waterloo, Sydney.   I want to have some photo books on hand. I will adapt the previous publication I arranged, and may also include a couple of new books.  I may design a book with the Coonar Bride works if I have enough of them...and perhaps a book of celestial bodies.

I also made up some new business cards and had them printed today.

Now that all my tins have come back from Hervey Bay, I will pick some of the best ones to include in my installation.  My car is stuffed full of boxes of tins at present!

On Sunday there will be a lunch in the gallery for the artists in the upcoming 'people are people' exhibition. We will work out the details for hanging the show and so on.   Artist, Adam Anderson  will come earlier for a photoshoot.  I will have the opportunity to try out my new Nikon d3200.  c x

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