Monday, July 23, 2012

'people are people' exhibition

The long awaited 'people are people' exhibition will open this coming Friday at 5pm. For one night only!

We had a luncheon at the gallery  for the three artists involved.  Photographer Brad Marsellos, painter Adam Anderson and 'instagram' photographer Petrina McDonald.

About her work Petrina said:

I’ve always been the sort of person who has a camera in hand, documenting everything from a crazy crack in the footpath to a face full of my child’s wobbly teeth. I won’t apologise for neglecting my big SLR since becoming addicted to the simple camera in my smart phone and Instagram. It’s a great way to share my photos via social networking and I get instant gratification when someone comments on my images. I love the distinctive square shape, similar to instamatic and Polaroid images, and the various filters add to the fun. I’m in control, thinking about shapes, colour and lighting and communicating how I see the world. The fancy camera puts on pressure. The phone camera doesn’t.
Like most 40-something working mums, I don’t have a lot of time to fit in all the thinking that a creative mind needs to survive, so my brain cranks into gear at night instead of sleeping. Finding time to actually BE creative is even harder. So I take photos. Instant photos. Instagram photos. On my phone. Displaying my photos as printed images on the fridge and wall at Dirty Linen Art Space is an extension of sharing the way I see the world. This is what “suburban insomniac” is about.

We will have to shift my very large fridge into the gallery, as it will be installed and decorated with instagram fridge magnets. Petrina has some fantastic images to display.  Images from her garden and of her children and so much more.

Adam's powerful paintings will challenge us to enter a dialogue about issue surrounding gay rights.  This dialogue will be played out even further when Adam exhibits new work in October. Adam said about his work:

My work is an allegorical representation of my life, my symbols are almost entirely fictional human figures which invariably represent one aspect or another of myself and my life. Each painting is a self-portrait, an introspective search for my seemingly illusive identity. My work is intrinsically tied to me, as if each artwork is a layer of my identity which I have shed in a quest for self-realization, a journey to the core.

Brad Marsellos will be presenting photographic  portraits  of celebrities and local identities. Brad, who curated the exhibition had this to say about his work:

People are People came about thanks to social media. I saw Adam's paintings online and noticed he mainly did portraits or people paintings. The works looked amazing and I really wanted an excuse to see them in real life. I love photographing people and photos of people so the idea of us displaying work together just sort of grew from this.
While Adam paints and I take photos, I think the works fit together. Both our styles feel a little isolated and use space. We both see inner beauty in subjects that may not be conventionally beautiful.

There are also not a whole lot of men doing a bit left of centre creative stuff around Bundaberg, so it's good to team up with Adam in that regard as well.

My portraits are all recent works and include photos of some well known people such as artist Adam Cullen, musician Tim Rogers and film maker John Water. The series also features people I have met who just capture my attention.
I will be posting some photos from the opening this Friday, so stay tuned!!
Talk art soon!!  c x

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